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Updated: Oct 1, 2020

In the decades MooreCo has been in business, we’ve seen amazing teachers and students make great use of our products, and we’ve been proud to provide lasting and durable tools to enable comfortable learning. But 2020 has brought significant challenges to all who step into a classroom, and we’ve been creating solutions to help keep teachers and students learning more safely and effectively.

We are continuously inspired by all the hardworking teachers out there. Some have stepped into the role of remote teacher with grace and patience, others are coming up with solutions of their own for a safer in-person classrooms where kids can still have fun. Here’s what we’re learning from teachers about how we can channel our creativity to problem solve for a better tomorrow. 

A Salute to All the Creative Teachers

First grade Florida teacher Kim Martin had the idea to turn safety into fun, when she redesigned desks with protective screens to look just like little cars. She informed her students that this was a way they could learn to “drive into the future”. Ms. Martin isn’t alone. All over the nation, teachers have created their own solutions if they haven’t been provided them by their district. Some are constructing protective screens out of shower curtains, PVC pipe, and more. We appreciate the giving nature and innovation of every teacher. They are going above and beyond to keep their classrooms going, even in changing times. Our nation’s students are lucky to have them working to problem solve on their own, but luckily, great solutions exist that can make their lives easier.

The Solution Great Teachers Deserve

As schools begin to return to in-person classes, it’s important to provide those great teachers with solutions that will keep them safer, so that all they need to worry about is teaching. That’s why we’ve created several options for helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19, including our Trifold Acrylic Desktop Screen and the Essentials Mobile Divider. We continue to work on options that suit every classroom, from K-12 educational environments to college campuses and beyond, to help stop the spread of COVID-19. We’re excited to present our newest creation- a secure, affordable, and configurable way to learn with clarity.

Introducing the Clarity Acrylic Desktop Divider

Available in three different configurations to suit your desktop needs, the  Clarity Acrylic Desktop Divider is ideal for use in classrooms, offices, or any customer-facing applications. Securely fasten these desktop screens for a clear safeguard that is durable and protective. Acrylic panels are 24" high and are available in multiple widths from 23" to 72" to fit virtually any desktop or workspace.


No matter the size of your desks, you can safely secure your desktop divider with an edge clamp for mounting on the edge of the desktop, a center clamp to divide a desktop for more than one user, or freestanding to mount wherever needed on your work surface. To create even more of a protective barrier, you can add a divider to more sides, creating a transparent boundary around any desk area or workspace.


See-through acrylic allows students space and division while still creating uninterrupted socialization and clear visual access to the entire room. This makes life easier for teachers and students, who may not be able to see easily through improvised or lesser materials.

MooreCo & C-it are Here to Help…

We want every teacher, school, and worker to feel excited about getting back into their routine. That’s why we offer these affordable solutions with faster lead times than the competition. Don’t hesitate to ask us about these and our other COVID-19 solutions for healthcare, office, and educational environments. Let's keep thriving together! 


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