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BenQ | Why you need the BenQ RP750K with bacteria resistant glass, protect your classroom from germs

We've discussed the need to prevent the flu (and other sicknesses) in your classroom, in addition to mentioning a few ways that you can do so. Now, it's time to expand on those strategies. More specifically, we want to focus on the technology that you need to keep your classroom healthy and your students at top-notch performance levels.

That technology is BenQ's RP750K.

Having a piece of interactive technology to augment your classroom lectures is a vital part of the modern-day learning process. Students need to feel engaged with your lessons, and being able to annotate on images and text or play educational games with classmates is a fantastic way to do exactly that. But, as we all know, more interaction between students means an increased possibility of cross-infection. And having healthy students is important to the learning process, because when they miss days at school they're much more liable to fall behind in their lessons. It can hinder education and lead to unneeded complications and frustrations all around. Here are some things you can do to make sure your classroom stays healthy and runs as smoothly as it can.

Stop Germs in Their Tracks

The fact of the matter is that germs are a very real concern in busy classroom environments, and the severity of our current flu season crisis only increases that worry. Having technology that comes with a germ-resistant screen will ease your fears by helping prevent the spread of bacteria in your classroom. By employing a multilayer coating of non-toxic, user-friendly material, the RP750K is equipped to repel any germs that may happen to get smeared across its surface. An advanced and enduring nano-ionic silver agent is capable of killing most germs that threaten to accumulate on the screen's surface, which effectively prevents a classroom epidemic. Plus, it's durable and long-lasting, so even if you decide to clean the screen yourself, the RP750K will retain its germ-killing, antimicrobial features.

Protect Your Eyes

Physical health is important, especially during our current flu epidemic. But what about other concerns, such as eye health? Continued use of screens can lead to negative effects from blue light exposure. That's why the RP750K comes equipped with TUV-Certified Low Blue Light technology. By minimizing blue light exposure, this technology allows you to provide the most comfortable viewing experience possible for both you and your students. And you can put your mind at ease by knowing you're getting a healthy viewing experience all around, no matter how much time you spend in front of the display.

Facilitate Your Work Flow

Have you ever rushed through a lesson, only to look at what you've written and realize that your handwriting isn't at its best? Or called a student to the board for an activity and had to ask them what they wrote down? Either of these two things can hinder the teaching process, whether you have to pause a lesson to explain what you've scrawled across the screen or delay an interactive activity to have a student read over what they've written. With the intelligent handwriting recognition technology that the RP750K comes equipped with, you'll preemptively fix the problem before it even arises. As you or your students write on the board, this technology feature simultaneously converts both text and numbers into legible text, so that everything can run smoothly and without a hitch.

Simplify the Process of Collaboration

You know that incorporating educational games and fun activities for your students is an excellent way to foster pupil engagement and get them more interested in your lessons. Not to mention, they'll be excited at the prospect of working with classmates and getting out from behind their desks. It's important to have a piece of technology that takes this into consideration and makes the process as easy as possible. With the capability to support up to 20 points of touch, the RP750K will allow more students than ever to participate in your lessons and engage in classroom discussions and activities. It's aptly called 20-TouchPoint technology, and it's part of what makes the RP750K and BenQ's entire RP series leading pioneers within the technology market.

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