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Audio Enhancement | VIEWpath Blend—Portable Audio and Video for Blended Learning

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

BEAM with PTZ Flyer - DC-40817.01
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Today’s educators are facing new demands brought to schools by COVID-19. They are tasked with delivering clear instruction to students inside and outside the classroom, likely while wearing a mask. With VIEWpath Blend, a combined classroom audio and video solution from Audio Enhancement, teachers have a tool to manage these challenges.

VIEWpath Blend combines the BEAM and EduCamPTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) camera for the ultimate portable audio and video system. This combined solution uses the BEAM to deliver crystal-clear audio, giving all students the opportunity to hear what’s being taught, even when teachers are speaking through a mask; and the EduCamPTZ, allowing educators to record both audio and video content for students participating in remote or blended learning.

This portable system, when integrated with the installed headend server, has all the features of VIEWpath® (Video Interactive Education Window) in one simple-to-use package.

What’s included?

EduCamPTZ—A classroom camera designed to allow educators to easily broadcast and capture lessons for remote learning. Delivery options include:

  • • Downloaded files to store on USB drives

  • • Embed codes to add recordings to a Learning Management System (LMS)

  • • Livestream for times when students are learning inside and outside the classroom

BEAM—An all-in-one audio system designed to work seamlessly with our award-winning classroom audio microphones. BEAM product highlights:

  • • Integrated amplifier and receiver for teacher voice amplification

  • • Portable speaker system can move between multiple classrooms

  • • Bluetooth® capabilities for high-quality multimedia sound

XD Teacher Microphone—Wireless microphone that uses an accurate mic and DECT technology to transmit a teacher’s voice clearly. Some features we love:

  • • Lightweight microphone is easy to wear

  • • Teachers can speak in their natural voice, with or without a mask

  • • Decreased strain on teachers’ voices and energy levels

VIEWpath Blend was designed for today’s educators as they face new challenges. A portable, combined audio and video system, VIEWpath Blend is an ideal solution to help educators manage teaching through a mask while instructing in-person and remote students.

Source: Audio Enhancement, "VIEWpath Blend—Portable Audio and Video for Blended Learning",


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