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Vizitech USA Sol-AR

Vizitech USA Sol-AR

Experience learning about outer space like never before with the Augmented Reality Sol-AR System from VizitechUSA.

Vizitech USA presents our new Sol-AR Augmented Reality learning system. Sol-AR brings our solar system to life for your students using AR technology!


The Vizitech Sol-AR System helps students understand the relationship between the planets in our solar system, as well as how our solar system fits into the Milky Way galaxy. This system allows students to learn the order of the planets, and learn about the gravitational pull on each of the planets, all in engaging Augmented Reality!


There are multiple learning activities built into the SolAR System, including moon phases, seasonal changes, spacecraft, and more! The AR tablets send student engagement TO THE MOON!


The Sol-AR System brings a hands-on, immersive AR learning experience to students allowing them to explore and learn through inquiry-based science.  This product comes with a roll-out AR target mat, 2 tablets, a case, a screen-cast device for projecting on a TV/projector, and mini-lessons. It is highly portable, easily sharable, and easy to store. 

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