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MooreCo Essentials Mobile Clear Divider

MooreCo Essentials Mobile Clear Divider

Get clear protection for your office, school, and industrial spaces!

Now available with clear plastic panel to create spaces that are protected yet still maintain visibility, the Essentials Mobile Clear Divider provides mobile and see-through protection for your guests, employees, students, and more.

Ideal for use between workers on an assembly line, students in class, customer facing positions, or anywhere else you need to provide an easy to disinfect clear divider.

Featuring anodized aluminum trim, the mobile board features a clear plastic panel (not designed for dry erase use). Available in two sizes. Smaller panel measures 54″H x 38.5″W. Larger panel measures 54″H x 68″W.

Flip chart hooks included.

Wide base design provides stability and heavy duty locking casters give you easy mobility.

Note: When cleaning clear screens always be sure to use a soft, non-abrasive cloth, such as a microfiber or lint free cloth, and apply light pressure only. Never use paper towels as it will scratch.

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