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Lumens DC172 4K Document Camera

Lumens DC172 4K Document Camera

•4K,1080p, 720P, and XGA output resolution
•Rotate 90/180/270 degrees, and flip/mirror
•HDMI output and pass through up to 4K resolution
•Image annotation and menu operation by mouse
•Supports USB Flash Drive for capture and video recording


Ultra-Clear 4K Image Quality that will Enhance a 1:1 Collaborative Learning Environment

The Lumens® DC172 Ladibug™ document camera provides ultra-clear 4K 30fps output resolution, supports 1080p, 720p and XGA resolutions. It can demonstrate remarkable detailed images of any object in real-time without delays and enhance the interaction between instructor and students.


Supports HDMI and USB Output and HDMI Pass-Through up to 4K resolution

The DC172 is equipped with HDMI and USB outputs. HDMI pass-through is a handy function that allows you to pass your laptop or other sources through the DC172 to the display without an additional switcher.


Highly Flexible Gooseneck Design

The unique joint-free gooseneck design lets users twist, bend and stretch the arm to enable a 360° view of your object.

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