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Copernicus Student’s Personal Tub Kit

Copernicus Student’s Personal Tub Kit

Now Available in 10 or 30 kit packs!

When students return to school, keeping personal items stored in one place will help cut down on them sharing items and reduce the spread of germs. This Tub Kit is small enough to sit on a desk and deep enough to hold everything needed without spilling. A Tiny Tub sits inside to hold pencils, markers, etc. and the plastic hanging pouch can be used to hold workbooks, worksheets and small books. Each tub includes an adhesive name pocket.

  • Features

    • 1 Small Open Tub
    • 1 Tiny Tub 
    • 1 Adhesive name pocket
    • 1 Hanging bag
  • Specs

    • Small Open Tub Measures  6" (15cm) H x 6 1/2" (17cm) W x 15 3/4" (40cm) D

    • 5lbs Weight Limit

    • Tiny Tubs Measure 4" (10cm) H x 3" (13cm) W x  3" (8cm) D

    • Lifetime Tub Warranty

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