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Copernicus Personal Storage Tub Cart – Premium Model

Copernicus Personal Storage Tub Cart – Premium Model

For schools or workplaces - this is what we've been using for our employees at Copernicus!

These carts make it easy for employees or students to pick up their PPE, cleaning supplies, etc. each day. At the end of the day, they can be returned to the cart for replenishment of supplies. This base model cart includes 18 Small Open Tubs and is designed as an in-class or in-office storage cart. Add your own label. Labels not included.

  • Features

    • Sturdy frame that is easily wiped down and was designed to be moved throughout a school or workplace
    • 18 Small Open Tubs to keep materials tidy (each tub holds 5lbs)
    • Tubs are made with 25% recycled material
    • Adhesive name pockets for tubs to help keep everything in order
    • 5" casters, (2 locking) to easily move over carpet and other floor surfaces 
    • Our tubs have been tested with Caviwipes (medical grade disinfection wipes) and bleach diluted to 2:10.
  • Specs

    • Frame Measures  40" (102cm) H x 51" (130cm) W x 18" (46cm) D 
    • Small Open Tubs Measure 6" (15cm) H x 6 1/2" (17cm) W x 15 3/4" (40cm) D
    • Adhesive name pockets measure 2 1/4" (6cm) H x 3 1/2" (9cm) W -holds cards 2 1/8" (5cm) H x 3 1/4" (8cm) W 
    • Lifetime Warranty
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