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BenQ 4K UHD 75”Education Interactive Flat Panel Display | RP7502

BenQ 4K UHD 75”Education Interactive Flat Panel Display | RP7502

  • BenQ's RP02 is designed to build an engaging and healthy teaching and learning environment. Installed with proficient cloud features including cloud whiteboard, the RP02 enhances class preparation participation and fosters collaboration beyond locations and platforms. The smart IFP is also packed with advanced air quality sensors, germ-resistant screen, and eye-care solutions, allowing you to learn healthily. RP02 is your ultimate interactive display to connect your entire class for a smooth and fun teaching and learning experience.
  • Features

    Smooth Real-Time Collaboration

    Cloud Whiteboard and Sticky Notes for Classrooms

    Packed with teacher- and student-friendly features, BenQ’s EZWrite 5 software is the leading annotation solution for interactive and collaborative classroom scenarios. Teachers and students can enjoy enhanced interactivity by using EZWrite Cloud Whiteboard to collect, categorize, edit, and share notes between the IFP and mobile devices.

    Dual Pens for Simultaneous Collaboration with Different Colors

    EZWrite 5 comes with dual pens that allow two users to write or draw simultaneously with different colors, making it ideal for lively classroom activities.

    Intelligent Handwriting Recognition

    EZWrite’s handwriting recognition feature allows users to instantly convert written text, numbers, forms, and drawings into easily legible digital text without having to switch modes.

    Brush Mode for Creative Education

    EZWrite 5 is ideal for creative, inspired creation in art classes. Users are guaranteed to enjoy an effortless experience that feels like writing and drawing with actual pens and brushes.

    Tap and Create

    Teachers can directly open EZWrite 5 with a simple tap of the IFP’s NFC sensor and immediately begin creating vibrant notes with various colored pencils, backgrounds, and palm erasers. This quick and convenient access streamlines teaching flow and helps keep students focused.

    The Smart Broadcasting System with Instant Delivery and Easy Management

    X-Sign Broadcast is a wireless broadcast system that can push alerts, messages, and announcements during class. Unlike traditional classroom messaging systems, X-Sign Broadcast ensures immediate message delivery as well as group notification. Serving as a next-generation information center, X-Sign Broadcast lets you manage class time content and broadcast enriching material from any device. Creating an engaging learning environment has never been easier.

    With its grouping function, X-Sign Broadcast can send messages to a selected group of screens, a single classroom, or the whole school. The grouping function helps ensure information is only sent to the recipients for whom it’s intended, while also reducing the time and labor required to send messages to multiple people.

    • Smart grouping by class or attributes

    • Messages can be sent to multiple recipients simultaneously

    Air-Quality Sensors

    Bad indoor air quality decreases the learning efficiency and exposed students at risk of lifelong health problems. BenQ Air Quality Sensors provide real-time data on key environmental parameters by detecting temperature, humidity, and monitoring PM 2.5 and CO2 concentration level. These sensors remind teachers to adopt necessary mechanisms to keep the environment at an ideal status, ensuring that students can remain highly concentrated during class while enjoying a much healthier learning environment.

    Germ-Resistant Screen

    The Germ-Resistant Screen is empowered by a multilayer coating of the non-toxic, enduring nano ionic silver agent that kills most germs accumulating on screen surfaces and prevent cross-infection or epidemic in classrooms. The ionic silver’s antimicrobial feature remains effective even after thorough cleaning or long periods of use.n sensor. For a smooth and comfortable viewing experience, the RP02 series is equipped with short-range PIR buttons, which will automatically activate Flicker-Free and Low Blue Light features by detecting the movement of users close to the screen.

  • Specs

    All Specifications


    Screen Size


    Resolution (pixels)

    UHD 3840 x 2160 pixels

    Backlight / Lightsource


    Brightness (Typical) (nits)

    450 nits

    Contrast Raito (Typical)


    Viewing Angle (Horizontal / Vertical)


    Light Life (Typical) (hours)

    30,000 hours

    Display Orientation


    Color Gamut (×% NTSC)


    Response Time (ms)



    Touch Technology


    Number of Touch

    USB B Touch Port x3


    Tempered Glass

    4mm Tempered Glass

    Anti-Glare & Germ-Resistant Screen


    Connectivity & Sensor


    VGA x1, HDMI 2.0 x3, HDMI Out x1, 3.5mm Audio Line in/Mic in x1, 3.5mm Audio Line out x1, SPDIF Audio out x1, USB 2.0 x3, USB 3.0 x2, USB B Touch Port x3, Type C x1, RS232 x1, RJ45 x1, OPS Slot x1

    Built-in Camera


    Built-in Microphone

    Array Microphone x8

    Built-in speaker

    Speakers 16W x2 & Subwoofer 15W x1


    NFC Sensor x1, Motion Sensor (PIR) x3, Air Quality Sensor x1, Light Sensor x1



    AC 100-240V~ 50/60Hz

    Typical (watt)

    262.4 W


    Weight (Without Packing / With Packing) (kg)

    61 kg

    Dimension (WxHxD) (mm)

    1735.5 x 1085.8 x 130.7

    Wall Mounting (VESA) (mm)(Screw type /Max. length)

    4 holes (600 x 400mm) Screw M8 x 20mm




    On-Screen Display Languages

    English / French / German / Dutch / Polish / Russian / Czech / Danish / Swedish / Italian / Romanian / Finnish / Norwegian / Greek / Hungarian / Spanish / Portuguese / Traditional Chinese / Simplified / Chinese / Arabic / Japanese / Thai / Persian / Vietnamese / Korea / Turkey / indonesia (27L)



    VGA x1, HDMI x1, USB for touch x1, TYPE-C x1

    Quick Start Guide


    User’s Manual (electronic file)


    Wall Mount (with shipment)


    Touch Pen


    Power Cord

    By Region

    Remote Controller (with 2.4G dongle & Battery)



    Optional Accessory

    InstaShow, WiFi Dongle, OPS, Trolley

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