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Cleaning frequently touched surfaces and devices has become a top priority with the current COVID-19 pandemic, as we know that the virus can stay active for long periods on a variety of surfaces.

Washing your hands often with soap and water, disinfecting high contact surfaces in your home, and wearing a mask while still observing social distancing when going out are all ways to help prevent spreading or contracting the virus. Additionally, having positive tech hygiene habits are critically important.

The iCloth brand has always focused on optical clarity for sensitive optics. To obtain this, we have developed a formula and wipe material that removes everything from the surface—leaving it looking, feeling, and working like new. We have often compared using iCloth to washing your hands with soap and water.

Our purpose is to lift dirt, grime, and other bio-gunk off the surface and dispose of it.

The focus on a “like-new feel and optical clarity” is what our customers have trusted us to bring them for more than a decade.

Typical disinfectant brands and products are challenged in providing optical clarity because of their ingredients and application methods. Some common cleaners should not be used on optical surfaces that can be damaged easily. Certain materials will scratch plastics, leaving them with permanent optical damage and some formulas will weaken plastics, or destroy coatings. Other cleaning products require the surface to stay wet for long periods to allow the formulation to work or they leave a substance behind that does the disinfecting—leaving the surface sanitized but looking dirty.

iCloth was developed to give you a cleaner clean. We have stayed away from germ-killing claims and marketing based on statements like “How dirty your phone is” because making a product that provided true optical clarity meant we couldn’t use traditional disinfecting formulas or components.

Does our regular iCloth kill COVID-19 or any other virus? No. We never intended it to be a germ or virus killer. Our goal is to provide a cleaner clean. Our current formula uses 25–30% pharmaceutical grade Isopropyl alcohol (IPA), 70–75% pharmaceutical grade purified water and less than 1% of a proprietary ingredient that helps reduce surface tensions to assist in the removal of contaminants.

The current Cleaning and Disinfecting Guidelines published by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) offers guidance regarding the use of at least 70% Isopropyl Alcohol to disinfect.

As a result, many OEM technology brands have abandoned their long-held instructions on cleaning their equipment and are now suggesting that a 70% IPA solution be used. Our customers have turned to us to create a product that contains 70% IPA but still gives the optical clarity that is required in their environments. An in-flight entertainment screen needs to look clean for a passenger to trust that it has been cleaned. A doctor’s tablet needs to be clean and look clean for a patient to be comfortable. The touchscreen kiosk at the airport or in a self-service restaurant needs to look and feel clean to the customer. A student and teacher need to know and be able to see that their tablets are clean when using them in a classroom.

iCloth, as a responsive brand, has created a new line of ready-to-use 70% Isopropyl Alcohol Wipes to serve our customers needs for a cleaner clean. This iCloth 70% IPA line will be available in the coming months. We are accepting pre-orders now and are scheduled to start delivering to the general public late June.

iCloth’s 70% Isopropyl Alcohol cleaning wipes

As a brand, iCloth cares about its customers and the global community. We aim to offer a safe cleaning solution in the form of pre-moistened wipes. Our wipes are made using only the cleanest, purest and highest quality materials available to ensure that our 70% Isopropyl alcohol formula provides a streak-free, haze-free, smudge-free “cleaner clean”.

iCloth’s pro-grade cleaning wipes are an efficient and effective way to keep your devices and glasses clean on-the-go, saving you time and allowing you to focus on the rest of your everyday life.

For more information on iCloth, please check out the video below:

Source: Peter Hartlen | iCloth, "DOES ICLOTH KILL COVID-19 OR ANY OTHER VIRUS?", May 9th, 2020,


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