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SMART Board RX Series

SMART Board RX Series

Explore what’s possible


Built to evolve around your needs with market-leading ease of use, the RX series is the only interactive display that offers user-programmable tools to help you support inclusive classrooms.

Next-level engagement starts here.


Available in 65” 75” 86”


Blend physical and digital worlds

Turn static lessons into immersive learning experiences with SMART’s Tool Explorer technology for a participative learning journey like no other.


Delivering true multi-user interactivity

Let your students write, erase, touch, and gesture at the same time without interfering with one another’s tool choices for a truly collaborative experience—only with SMART.


Security meets convenience

With NFC and QR-based-sign-in options, say hello to a secure, convenient log-in and enjoy a personalized user experience with direct access to your cloud storage.


Android 13 made SMART

Easier workflows for educators, a feature-rich whiteboard, built-in tools and resources and student device integration—all designed to save you time and offer a personalized user experience.


iQ puts everything teachers need to confidently teach at their fingertips, regardless of their tech comfort level. 


Intuitive connected computer experience

Say farewell to frustrating interruptions and enjoy a fluid, uninterrupted teaching experience with your connected device. Only SMART Ink lets you annotate across applications, browsers, and connected video sources and save them directly into PDFs and Microsoft Office files.

  • Key Features:

    • Up to 40 points of touch • Multi-color stylus • 4K UHD user interface • Integrated mic array • 2x 20W speakers and 15W subwoofer • NFC Reader • Optically bonded glass • Remote control • Ambient light, Particulate matter and Volatile organic compounds sensor • Dual USB C 3.2 (15W / 65W), WiFi 6e, Bluetooth 5.2 • ENERGY STAR & Ecodesign compliance Included: • SMART Notebook • SMART Ink • SMART Remote Management† • SMART Assure warranty‡ Optional: • Programmable Tool Explorer tools

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