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MooreCo Projection Whiteboard with Polyvision Duo Surface

MooreCo Projection Whiteboard with Polyvision Duo Surface

Designed to meet the demands of today’s students and workers, the Projection Whiteboard with Polyvision e3 CeramicSteel duo Surface is engineered with exceptional projection and writing capabilities, and encourages interactive learning and collaboration.


Strict flatness tolerances allow the Projection Whiteboard to support new technology such as infrared frames, interactive projectors, and camera-based solutions.


No need to close the blinds or darken the room when using this board for projection. Low glare porcelain steel is ideal for spaces that are exposed to excessive ambient light, and reduces glare from both long and short throw projectors.


Better visibility increases participation, while also minimizing classroom and meeting distractions.

As a writing surface, Duo Board has minimal ghosting, and provides excellent color contrast with minimal light distortion for enhanced visibility. Magnetic surface for added versatility!


Fifty year limited warranty.

  • Options

    DUO4X63 | 48"H X 63"W 4:3 Aspect, 79" Diagonal, Weight 97

    DUO4X84 | 48"H X 84"W 16:9 Aspect, 96" Diagonal, Weight 130

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