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Lumens DC136 4K Portable USB Document Camera

Lumens DC136 4K Portable USB Document Camera

The Lumens® DC136 is one of the modern and easy-to-use USB document cameras that Lumens has created. It features a 1/3" 13MP SONY image sensor and larger than the A3 shooting area. Not only does the DC136 deliver vivid images, but it can also capture an extremely close-up view. The signature gooseneck design enables teachers to position the camera head in any direction and even a webcam view. The DC136 empowers teachers and students to share and learn in person or in online classes.

  • Key Features

    • 4K 30 fps UHD / USB 3.0
    •  Gooseneck design for 2-in-1 Solution
    •  Larger than A3 shooting area
    •  Extreme close-up photography
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