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Wireless Audio System

Wireless Audio System

Simplified Conference Audio Solution with Extreme Flexibility

IPEVO VOCAL HUB wireless audio system revolutionizes conference audio by addressing challenges such as complex wiring, large rooms, scattered conference table arrangements, and changing meeting setups. VOCAL HUB wirelessly pairs with up to 6 IPEVO VOCALs, providing synchronized audio with 2-way AI noise reduction technology.


IPEVO VOCAL offer bluetooth connectivity and up to 40-hour battery life of each speakerphone. 
VOCAL HUB adapts to various setups and supporting mobile devices for remote meetings. It's also compatible with third-party conference cameras, video bars, and sound bars, extending the audio system's reach and enhancing deployment flexibility.


People-Centric, Bringing Audio to the People

No matter how the meeting is set up or where people are located,whether they are dispersed or grouped, everyone in the meeting can easily speak and hear. Simply pair up and rearrange to cover any space.


Ideal for different table arrangements, enabling dispersed groups to remain in their original seats while still achieving excellent audio reception, speaking, and participation in discussions.


Your Ultimate Education Partner

IPEVO's VOCAL HUB and TOTEM camera revolutionize typical school boardroom classrooms, seamlessly integrating advanced video and media capabilities. VOCAL HUB provides unparalleled flexibility with wireless microphone integration, perfect for dynamic meeting rooms and interactive classrooms.


These solutions cater to a variety of needs:

  • Blended or recorded classroom instruction. 
  • Faculty meetings for curriculum discussions, assessments, and academic matters (hybrid participation enabled). They could access and review the recording videos.​
  • PTA meetings, offering virtual option for parents.
  • Board meetings; mobile, budget & time saving, no installation. They could access and review the recording videos.​
  • Quick and effortless streaming E-Sport events, enabling remote student participation with lifelike interaction.​
  • Self-observation, teachers and students can record themselves and review their presentation.​
  • Features

    Synchronized Multi-Device Audio | Audio Synchronization

    Up to 6 IPEVO VOCALs play synchronously through VOCAL HUB so that remote voices remain clear for an immersive remote collaboration experience.

    Two-Way AI Noise Reduction

    This solution is equipped with echo cancellation and a two-way AI noise reduction, which was trained with over 500 million data to filter out the noise in your meeting room, as well as the noise on the other end of the conference call.

    Simple and Easy

    With the VOCAL HUB Audio System, enjoy simple and reliable Bluetooth wireless transmission, ensuring your audio is sent up to 49 ft with absolute confidence.


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