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IPEVO TOTEM 120 Multimodal Collaboration Camera

IPEVO TOTEM 120 Multimodal Collaboration Camera

Conference Cam + Demo Cam + Document Cam in ONE Device

IPEVO TOTEM 120 is a conference cam, a demo cam, and a document camera in one, with a design optimized for conferencing at the eye level, online product demonstrations, and sharing of documents and other visual materials.


Dual-Lens Camera: 

Switch Between the 120° & 80° View

Switch between the 120° ultra-wide lens and the 80° autofocus lens to get the perfect view for your scenario. The ultra-wide lens is ideal for huddle room conferencing or presentations. The autofocus lens provides a practical alternative for document sharing and individual video calls.


Efficient Video Conferencing with Flexibility

IPEVO TOTEM 120 is designed for huddle rooms and meeting rooms not equipping with conferencing equipment. It delivers unmatched flexibility and collaboration freedom to business conferencing.


Video Conferencing Anywhere

TOTEM 120 is highly portable, and its AI-enhanced voice technology allows you to turn any place into a professional conferencing space.


Works with Everything

Plug and play compatible with Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Webex, GoToMeeting, OBS studio, Barco ClickShare, and more on Windows, Mac, and Chromebook.

  • Features

    Conferencing at Eye Level

    The height of the camera can be easily adjusted by simply pulling it upwards, to your eye level.

    Document Mode

    For document sharing, the camera can be aimed downward at a 90° angle.

    Sharing Mode

    It can also be aimed downward at a 45° angle, for product demonstrations, tutorials, and displaying whatever you need during your online collaboration.


    AI Auto Framing

    When the AI Stage is activated, it automatically makes sure that everyone in front of the camera stays in the frame. This makes communication more natural and immersive for the online participants.

    AI-Enhanced Voice Technology

    TOTEM 120 is equipped with IntelliGo’s AI-enhanced Voice technology. This noise filter utilizes artificial intelligence, which was trained with over 500 million distinct data and is highly effective in maintaining the natural sound of the human voice while removing noise with high accuracy.

    Capture Presentations

    TOTEM's ultra-wide lens and versatile adjustable body allow for capturing both the whiteboard and the presenter, displaying the complete image for the online viewers.


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