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Designed for Vertical Market Integration

IPEVO MP-8M is a unique, highly competitive, and high-quality camera specifically designed for smart platforms. It can be easily integrated, greatly shortens development time, and enables ultra-high-quality image and video capture capability for PCs and embedded systems.

  • Features

    Ultra-High Definition Sensor from Sony

    MP-8M sports an autofocus image sensor from Sony with 4K resolution. It is a UVC plug-and-play camera, which enables computer vision with minimized time and integration. The camera is compact in size and innovative in design and accessories. It allows flexible adjustments of the viewing angle and shooting distance and can be quickly deployed and applied in various industrial and commercial scenarios.

    AI-Enhanced Microphone

    MP-8M is equipped with intelliGO’s AI-Enhanced Voice technology. This noise filter utilizes artificial intelligence, which was trained with over 500 million distinct data and is highly effective in maintaining the natural sound of the human voice while removing noise with high accuracy.

    Development Tools for Easy Integration

    For system integration, IPEVO provides SDK, API, and TWAIN scanning drivers. In addition to these tools, IPEVO's simple-to-use software Visualizer offers a variety of powerful functions, including video recording, scanning, and control of camera settings.

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