Swivl Robot

Swivl Robot


The Swivl C1 Robot is a multi-purpose robotic motion platform and tracking system for your iOS and Android mobile devices. It provides smooth, highly adjustable pan and tilt motion and, using the included Remote Marker, will automatically follow you for self-captured video. This is useful for capturing yourself giving lectures, training sessions, conferences, or other presentations. The Robot can be used standalone, or as a component of a three-part capture and video sharing solution when used with the Swivl Capture App for iOS and Android and a free Swivl Cloud service.


The Swivl Robot includes a set of three adapter grips to hold mobile devices under 0.47" thick. The base provides 360° of pan and 25° of tilt. Movement can be controlled on an iOS or Android device via a Bluetooth connection and using the Swivl Capture App. You can also control the base using the Remote Marker, which uses IR technology to allow the base to track the remote's movement up to 30' away (line of slight).


  • Robotic Motion and Tracking System
  • Automatically Follows You
  • Operating Range up to 30'
  • Fits Mobile Devices Under 0.47" Thick
  • 360° Pan / 25° Tilt
  • Swivl Capture App for iOS and Android
  • Wireless Audio
  • Includes 1 x Remote Marker

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