SMART Board® 6000 Pro series

SMART Board® 6000 Pro series

Put more heads together (Available in 65” or 75” Display Size)


Businesses achieve more when meetings are productive, and remote colleagues are able to collaborate as well as teams in the same room. The new SMART Board 6000 Pro series with iQ reduces meeting time by looping in more minds, insights and perspectives at once. It’s a catalyst for innovation in the connected age.


Walk in and it turns on
A proximity sensor automatically powers up the SMART Board
6000 when you walk in the room saving time and energy costs.

Pick up a pen and start writing
The intelligent pen tray automatically selects the black or red pen
tool, so you don’t have to choose it from a menu before writing.

As easy as writing on paper
SMART invented DViT® (Digital Vision Touch) technology to
ensures a smooth writing experience that looks and feels natural.

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