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MooreCo Trifold Acrylic Desktop Screen

MooreCo Trifold Acrylic Desktop Screen

Keep your students, staff, and customers safer and more protected from the spread of germs with a Trifold Acrylic Desktop Screen.

The handy all-in-one form factor requires no installation, and fits on virtually any desk or table top to provide clear division and protection, while still allowing visibility and social interaction.

Ideal for use in classrooms, offices, or any customer-facing applications.

Acrylic panels adjust for open angles, and fold flat for storage.

Panels are joined with acrylic hinges for an easy to clean and disinfect screen. To clean, simply lift the screen out of the brackets, clean, and place the divider right back where it came from.

Keep your panel more secure with double-sided adhesive on the bottom. Eliminate worries about scratching your desktop by mounting the brackets under the panel.

  • Dimensions

    23.5"H X 23"W X 18"D

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