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HoverCam Solo 5 Document Camera

HoverCam Solo 5 Document Camera

Transform your classroom with the most innovative and cost efficient 5 megapixel USB document camera on the market, the HoverCam Solo 5. The Solo 5 combines multiple functions into one uniquely designed device, so you can streamline your daily tasks. Lesson plan sharing, live presentations, document scanning, video creation, distance learning and grading becomes faster and much easier.


The Solo 5 comes equipped with a powerful 5 megapixel camera which means clearer images without the blurring. Its wide scan size allows you to shoot up to an A3 size, so it’s easy to share a whole textbook with your class. The three-pivot design includes a camera head (with built-in microphone) that can flip-up and rotate, so you can position the camera in a variety of positions to adapt to your needs. Utilize its 16X digital zoom and 12X mechanical zoom to enjoy and explore every detail. The camera’s arm can hover an inch above any object for sharp and amazing close ups. The Solo 5 folds into a compact size and is powered solely by USB cable so it takes up very little desk space, it’s easy to move from class to class and set up is just plug-and-play.


Project and enlarge creative lesson plans, record instructional flipped classroom videos to post on your class’s website, encourage distance learning, virtual office hours, classroom collaboration and student exchange with its high definition (HD) web camera, capture lesson points and students’ work, scan worksheets and documents and even work with any interactive whiteboard – just drag and drop. The ideas are endless. Combine innovative technology with creative, out-of-the-box lesson plans to excite students and expand learning.


Teach with the HoverCam Solo 5 to improve student engagement and to help them visually connect concepts for deeper comprehension. Let the HoverCam Solo 5 help you transform your classroom.

  • Features

    • Lightweight and portable 5.0 MegaPixel HD CMOS USB document camera.
    • A multi-functional solution: Scan, record voice & video, display picture-in-picture, video conference and share documents.
    • Patented 16X digital zoom combined with a 12X mechanical zoom – utilize up to 192X effective magnification. Enjoy all the details with high-definition clarity and get amazing close-up images.
    • Shooting area can handle A3, A4, tabloid, legal, letter size or smaller documents. Display two full pages and even a whole textbook.
    • Includes HoverCam Flex software that helps you to scan multiple pages and create PDFs, crop images, record voice & video to your computer’s hard drive, annotate while presenting and upload files directly to Dropbox and Evernote.
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