Audio Enhancement Infrared Teardrop Microphone

Audio Enhancement Infrared Teardrop Microphone

The Audio Enhancement Infrared Teacher Teardrop Microphone, powered by Panasonic, brings a level of convenience to the classroom. The IR Teacher Teardrop Microphone is a lightweight, wearable microphone that distributes the teacher’s voice across the room. With a revolutionary patented remote control feature, the teacher is able to control the volume of his or her microphone, the optional student microphone, or the auxiliary input level. Teachers, administrators, and students will appreciate the high quality performance and ease of use.

One unique feature of the Audio Enhancement microphones is the Microprocessor Intelligent Charge, or M.I.C. It’s our solution to the problem of dead, burned out batteries and microphones becoming damaged by incorrect charging. M.I.C. has been a feature of the Teacher Teardrop Microphone and the Student Handheld Microphone since 2006, and has saved literally thousands of systems over the years from costly repairs and the need to replace batteries. Now you can take battery charging concerns off of your list of things to worry about; your Audio Enhancement classroom infrared system has it all covered with M.I.C.

The IR Teardrop Microphone offers the following benefits:

  • Constantly monitors the power usage and prevents the battery from being discharged too far.
  • Allows battery charging only to the optimum point and then switches to a maintenance charge mode.
  • Detects the type of battery installed. Unlike the ‘smart chargers’ offered by other manufacturers (which only work with certain battery types), the Microprocessor Intelligent Charge actually analyzes the type of battery that is installed and will ONLY charge the proper type of battery (any rechargeable NiMH) and NOT a regular AA.
  • Will automatically turn the microphone off and switch to the charge mode when the charger is plugged in.

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