Audio Enhancement Blended Learning Solution

Audio Enhancement Blended Learning Solution

Audio Enhancement’s all-in-one classroom audio and video solution includes the BEAM and EduCamPTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) camera for the ultimate portable audio and video system. This combined solution allows educators to record both audio and video content for students participating in remote or blended learning. For in-person instruction, BEAM offers crystal-clear audio, vital for when teachers need to speak through a mask. This portable system, when integrated with the installed headend server, has all the features of VIEWpath®* (Video Interactive Education Window) in one simple-to-use package. Setup is easy, requiring only a PoE network drop and an outlet for power.

  • Details on Solution

    4 Megapixel HD PoE Camera with 4x Optical Zoom & PTZ Control 
    The EduCamPTZ is a classroom camera designed to allow educators to easily broadcast and capture lessons for remote learning. Video files can be downloaded and stored on USB drives, or use embed codes to add recordings to Microsoft OneDrive, Google Classroom, Canvas, or other preferred LMS. VIEWpath can also be shared live, perfect for times when students are learning inside and outside the classroom. Coupled with Audio Enhancement’s VIEWpath platform, the EduCamPTZ can also be turned into a web cam recognized by the teacher’s computer for more sharing options.

    An all-in-one audio system 
    The BEAM is designed to work seamlessly with our award-winning classroom audio microphones. BEAM is a portable speaker with an integrated amplifier/receiver and Bluetooth® capabilities for teacher voice amplification.

    XD Teacher Microphone
    Wearable wireless microphone 
    The XD Teacher Microphone is a wearable microphone that uses an accurate mic and DECT technology to transmit a teacher’s voice clearly. The XD Teacher Microphone evenly distributes the teacher’s natural speaking voice, delivering high-quality audio throughout the classroom.