Audio Enhancement BEAM All-in-One Classroom AE System

Audio Enhancement BEAM All-in-One Classroom AE System

BEAM is an all-in-one classroom audio enhancement system. It features Audio Enhancement’s industry leading XD microphone technology with an integrated amplifier, speaker, Bluetooth®, and multimedia capabilities. BEAM can be integrated with any flat panel display, whether it is mounted on a mobile cart or mounted to a wall. BEAM is unique in the market because it can easily be expanded by adding external classroom speakers directly to the internal amplifier further enhancing audio quality and distribution.

  • Tech Specs

    Amplifier Specifications*
    Audio Power 50 Watts
    Power Requirements 24 VDC power supply
    Connectors 1 Traditional variable gain line output with side panel volume control + connector for assistive
    listening devices
    Equalization 3-Band equalizer (Bass, Mid, Treble)
    Volume Controls Main Volume Control - large volume knob on rear panel or line level control on techer mic
     Controls media sorces from:
     - Rear Panel 3.5 line input
     - TOSLINK Optical input
     - Side panel 3.5 or line input
    Bluetooth - Fixed gain input
     Volume control via connected streaming device
    RJ45 Accessory Input/Output
     Volume Control via wall plate
    Optional Remote Wallplate
    (WPA-03) Provides:
    1 3.5 mm TRS unbalanced stereo input
    1 3.5 mm TRS unbalanced output
    PA Sense Mute Connects to Public Address System and mutes BEAM during announcements. Sensitivity 4 Volts to
    74 Volts RMS
    Wireless Specifications*
    System Frequency XD Technology 1.9 GHz
    Coverage Adjustable for optimal coverage from small classrooms to cafes, gyms, and other large spaces
    Microphone Type Unidirectional electret condenser microphone
    Temperature Range 320 F - 1040 F (00 C - 400 C)
    General Signal to Noise Ratio 85 dB or more (Receiver to Mix/MIC output)
    By auto level control function in Microphone
    Control Terminal
    RS-232C TxD, RxD, Gnd, 9600 Baud
    Interface, Other, and Exterior
    Remote control via microphone
    and RS-232
    Audio controls REC/E1
     Mic 1, Mic 2, Line Input levels REC/E2
    Speaker Specifications*
    Frequency Response 70 Hz to 15 kHz (-10 dB)
    Approximate Weight 14.10 lbs (6.40 kg)
    Approximate Dimensions 6.83 (H) x 36.00 (W) x 3.30 (D) in. (173.5 x 914.40 x 83.9 mm)
    Mounting holes 9.88 in. from both sides (250.95 mm)
    1/4 x 20 mounting holes

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